Bites for the wine (for one/ for two)  6 € / 11 €

Bites for the beer (for one/ for two) 6 € / 11 €


MUSHROOM SOUP – salmon cream, chanterelles 8 €

VEGAN CURRY – coconut milk, red curry, carrot, parsnip, bell pepper, rice,
chickpeas, coriander, shimeji mushrooms 12 €

SEA BASS FILLET – carrot puree, fried potatoes, Hollandaise sauce, dill aioli 15 €

DUCK FILLET – parsnip puree, woked vegetables, red wine sauce 17 €

PORK SHANK – crispy vegetables, pearl onions, red wine sauce 18 €


No 1 Margherita – Tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese, Parmigiano cheese,
fresh basil, olive oil 8.00 EUR

No 2 Eggplant – Tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, sun dried tomatoes, spinach,
cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil 10.00 EUR

No 3 N`DUJA – tomato sauce, N’ duja spicy salami, Parmigiano cheese,
fior di latte cheese, honey, fresh basil, olive oil 11.00 EUR

No 4 Goat cheese – Tomato sauce, goat cheese, honey, fior di latte cheese,
cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, balsamico, olive oil 10.00 EUR

No 5 Prosciutto- Tomato sauce, Prosciutto ham, Parmigiano cheese, fior di latte cheese,
cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, olive oil 12.00 EUR

No 6 Pancetta- Tomato sauce, Pancetta ham, fior di latte cheese, smoked cheese,
sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil 12.00 EUR

No 7 Shimeji- Fior di latte cheese, Parmigiano cheese, shimeji mushrooms,
kale salad, tarragon, fresh basil, olive oil 10.00 EUR

Poke bowls

SALMON POKE – freshly marinated salmon fillet, avocado aioli, rice, carrot, red cabbage,
cucumber, pickled ginger, edamame beans and sesame seeds 9 €

CRISPY CHICKEN POKE – crispy chicken, cherry tomatoes, apple & celery salad,
red cabbage, carrot, edamame beans, rice, cucumber, Chipotle sauce 8 €

VEGAN POKE – pearl couscous, cherry tomatoes, beetroot hummus, lemon aioli, spinach,
edamame beans, wakame, cucumber, red cabbage, pearl onions, chickpeas 8 €


CRISPY CHCKEN BURGER – Brioche, crispy chicken, apple & celery salad,
cheddar cheese, tomato, Chipotle sauce 8 €

BEEF BURGER – Brioche, Angus beef, cheddar cheese,
oriental carrot & cabbage salad, tarragon sauce 8€

VEGAN BURGER – vegan Brioche, Moving Mountains burger, oriental carrot & cabbage salad,
beetroot hummus, vegan cheese, lemon aioli 8 €

KIDS’ BURGER – burger, cheese, salad, ketchup 5 €


Sweet potato fries + choose one sauce 4.50 €

Fries + choose one sauce 3.50 €

Sauces – tarragon, chipotle, lemon aioli, ketchup

Extra sauce 1 €


ICE CREAM – Selection of ice cream 5 €

CLASSICS – Crème brûlée 6 €

SOUR – Silky chestnut cream with cranberry mousse 6 €