Delicious food and drinks, festive atmosphere and pleasant company are the essentials of a successful gala dinner. We have four different dining-halls, delicious dishes, medieval environment and excellent service. We can help you to create an entertainment program. Let us make a memorable event!

Festive dinner

Festive dinner with a rich selection of food and drinks

Our best chefs have composed delicious feasts for special occasions, but we can also create a customized menu for your event. All group menus are carefully considered, including starters, main courses, desserts and a welcoming drink. Our feasts are closely linked to the Maikrahv legend and medieval Tallinn creating a memorable experience for the guests.

Our fabulous wine cellar holds high-quality wines selected with the top sommeliers of Estonia.

Stage and technical equipment

People need to speak at gala dinners, whether to announce winners, give a speech of thanks or an overview of some achievements. That is why we have equipped the Maikrahv halls with modern presentation technology and sound systems. This makes it convenient to present reports, make speeches and play nice background music to set the mood.

We can also help creating an entertainment program, if necessary. For example, we would recommend a folk show, that fits the medieval environment in Maikrahv beautifully, or the highly popular Trio Comondo band consisting of three brothers. Please read more information about our partners on the entertainment page. Besides, we can arrange and receive any other performers you choose to have.

Creating a memorable dinner

Maikrahv has everything you need to organize a pleasant and original festive dinner: distinctive medieval atmosphere, rich selection of food and drinks, excellent service, and convenient location in the very heart of Tallinn. Our staff will be happy to talk about the Maikrahv legend and take good care of all the guests.

Flexible solutions

Maikrahv has more than 10 years of experience in organizing festive gala dinners. We are flexible and create the perfect solution for your unique event and your guests.