A carefully designed entertainment program helps to keep the spirits up and makes a party enjoyable and memorable. You don’t have to worry about the performers when organizing an event at Maikrahv. We co-operate with various bands and musicians and we can arrange the singers, dancers and musicians for your party.


Choosing the right performers

When choosing performers you should take into account the character of the event, its duration, the age of the guests and their musical preferences, and the special features of the venue. Please give us as much information about your event and the guests as possible, this way we can give you advice and create the best entertainment package for your party.

Stage and technical eqipment

Maikrahv has a stage for presentations and a wide range of sound, video and lighting equipment. You can also use screens during presentations, for displaying videos or images. For example, you can run a photo gallery of the young couple at a wedding or show some fun surprise videos at a birthday party. We will settle the details of the equipment necessary for the performers while you make the reservation.

Flexible entertainment packages

To make it easy and convenient to choose the performers we have created various packages in co-operation with some musicians and dancers. We can also customize the packages to suit your needs. We co-operate with folk music groups, also jazz and pop singers.

Singers and musicians to set the mood with music

If you like jazz or pop music, we can invite for example Mati Tibar to set the mood with a clarinet and saxophone or the pop&jazz duo Maria Volmer and Veikki Vikajärvi, who will give a fresh interpretation of well-known tunes and perform their own music as well. The three brothers of the ensemble Trio Comondo are very popular for festive events. They use both classical and electronic instruments. Guitar player Siim Kartau performs exciting tango rhythms and medieval music.

Folk show with Viisuveeretajad

The folk dance group gives a show bursting with energy and attracts the attention of every party guest. Viisuveeretajad has been performing for over 20 years in Estonia and abroad. The show features various traditional Estonian and modern folk dances and different folk costumes. At the end of the dance program, the performers teach some dance steps to the party guests as well. The music is played from a record, live music can be arranged for an additional fee.

Folk show with Savijalakesed

The folk dance group performs both folk and original dances. The group consists mostly of students who like to dance and to have fun bringing joy to others as well. The folk group has been performing for over 30 years in Estonia and abroad. Usually they have the last couple of dances together with the audience. They have 1 or 2 musicians to play the tunes.

Early music with Rondellus

Early music ensemble Rondellus performs Medieval and Renaissance music that match the interiors in Maikrahv perfectly. The performers wear medieval costumes and use historical musical instruments. The musicians and the cozy ambience take the guests back in time. It’s an excellent choice for a memorable event.

Entertainment at Maikrahv

In addition to singers and musicians, we can also invite a sleight-of-hand artist to perform at the event or organize parlor games. Please contact us by sending an e-mail to or by phone +372 6 314 227 and together we will find the perfect entertainment for your event.