Meeting, corporate party, customer event or seminar? Birthday, wedding or a meeting with friends? Whatever the event it requires a suitable room, good food, and excellent service. The gorgeous arched halls in Maikrahv and its’ unique atmosphere, the flexible menu, and programme solutions create an excellent setting both for more formal events as well as for simple everyday meetings.

We can offer rooms of different sizes and we can arrange to have performers and an entertainment programme. We have developed various conference packages and group menus to make it easy and convenient to organise events. Please look at the party menus for groups here.


Why organise a conference, party or other event in Maikrahv?

  • 4 party and conference halls – you can choose the room that fits your event and the number of people attending.
  • Events with any number of people – by including all the rooms we can accommodate up to 250 guests at a time and by involving our neighbouring restaurants Turg and Vana Toomas the number can increase up to 350 people.
  • Modern sound and presentation technology in each room – you can read reports, do presentations, and display images or videos.
  • Flexible conference packages – you can organise conferences and seminars of various duration for both smaller and larger groups, as the minimum number of guests is merely 8 (please read the detailed package descriptions below).
  • We arrange the performers and the entertainment – if you wish we could also invite performers to any private events and help you compile an entertainment programme.
  • Delicious food – we offer several party menus that can be adjusted as necessary. You can enjoy our delicious food with smaller or larger groups, as the minimum number of guests is merely 4.
  • Wide selection of drinks and our wine cellar – a wide selection of both alcoholic and soft drinks. We have assembled our selection of high quality wines in co-operation with top Estonian sommeliers.
  • Original environment – arched halls, cosy atmosphere, and unique interior design help you to turn classic seminars and parties into distinctive and memorable events.
  • Impeccable service – dressed in medieval costumes, our staff is happy to introduce our choice of food and drinks, talk about the Maikrahv legend, and do their utmost to create a pleasant and eventful evening.
  • Location in the Tallinn old town – the location at the Town Hall Square adds an exclusive touch to your event. It is easy for the guests to come to Maikrahv as the bus stops and car parks are at the distance of a short walk.
  • More than 10 years of experience – thanks to our extensive experience and thoroughly considered details it is fun and pleasant to organise events in Maikrahv.


To get a personal offer please contact us by sending an e-mail to or by phone +372 6 314 227.

Party and conference rooms and their sizes

We can use 4 different party and conference rooms for events. The largest hall accommodates 110 people, while our Arched Hall is perfect for smaller events with 15 to 30 guests.  You can also use the Main Hall, the Guild Hall, and the Arched Hall combined into one large room with 210 seats.

Room name Theater
area (m2)
Main Hall 60 110 146
Guild Hall 40 40 786 78
Hall of the Blackheads 15 61 61
Arched Hall 20 15 31 31

Organising events in Maikrahv

We do our utmost to ensure that organising an event in Maikrahv would be pleasant and successful. If you have more questions or would like to get a personal offer please contact us by sending an e-mail to or by phone +372 6 314 227.