Autumn at Maikrahv Means Good Music and Fabulous Dinners!

We just love autumn. And why shouldn’t we? Autumn brings nights filled with good music and fabulous dinners in the best company. Grab your tickets to get the best seats! 

We fill the dark nights with the ever so popular concert-dinners. Take a look at our entertainment program, invite your friends and come to spend a night at Maikrahv!

Ladies and gentlemen, Maikrahv proudly presents…

    • November 21, Hendrik Sal-Saller & Erko Laurimaa
      Hendrik Sal-Saller, a living legend on the Estonian music scene performs at Maikrahv with his band’s guitar palyer Erko Laurimaa. Put on your dance shoes – this is going to be a great night!
    • December 3, 10 & 17, Tanja & Mikk Saar
      Series of concert-dinner with Estonian’s one of the most well-know singers – Tanja and Mikk Saar. Come and spend a romantic evening or why not, a Christmas dinner with good colleagues!
    • December 4, Koit Toome & Jorma Puusaag
      Koit Toome (vocals) and Jorma Puusaag (guitar) fill this December night with romantic love songs. Come and spend a lovely evening with your special someone.

  • December 5, Chalice / Jarek Kasar
    Chalice is an Estonian musician and composer who started his musical career as a rapper. His music is intelligent and funny at the same time.

The list is updated on an ongoing basis, stay tuned!

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(Photos: Silver Raidla)